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What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is an effortless mental process that is easy to learn, simple to practice and powerful in its benefits awakening the full and natural potential of the mind. Practiced for 20-minutes twice daily, it harmonizes your nervous system giving your mind the necessary reset it needs while encouraging the dissolution of stress, tension, and fatigue held within the body. Practicing daily helps you become more calm, creative, and confident allowing you to re-connect with all of what life has to offer. In turn, meditation results in the culmination of more happiness, meaning, and fulfillment found within life.

“Life is infinite, and this infinity can be tapped.
The only limitation is one of awareness.”
— Kabir Helminski

The Technique

This simple transcending technique is practiced in a comfortable, relaxed manner with eyes-closed utilizing a mantra. Mantra, translating as “mind-vehicle” in sanskrit, is designed to harken the mind from gross states of thought-filled mental activity to a more subtle experience of restful and peaceful awareness, supporting a more calm, creative, happier and balanced life.

When you practice Vedic meditation, one experiences inner wakefulness beyond thought. The resulting experience is a state of deep relaxation that is more regenerative than sleep. This profound rest allows deep-rooted stresses to dissolve naturally, providing innumerable health benefits to the individual. In only a short period of time, the integration of the deeper levels of rest experienced in meditation with one’s dynamic daily activity allows the meditator to become less stressed, more creative, more productive, and more adaptable to the demands of life.


“Thank you Caryn! Never before have I felt like I’ve had a more well rounded teaching and understanding of meditation. Learning the history, physical and mental benefits along with
techniques of Instill/Vedic Meditation have given me the ability to reach a ‘meditative state’ where I can feel and see transformation within myself.”

— Adele O, Account Manager

“Caryn is the most knowledgeable meditation teacher I’ve ever worked with. Her dedication to her personal practice shows in her teachings. Instill/Vedic Meditation is the most profound meditation technique I’ve used.”

— Natasha V, Child and Youth Counsellor


The Benefits

Almost immediately, some of the innumerable benefits you can experience from your practice are:

  • A reduction in stress, anxiety and fatigue

  • Relief from insomnia and improved sleep patterns

  • Improved concentration, focus and memory

  • Increased energy levels allowing for higher performance capabilities and productivity

  • Unlock creativity by tapping into your intuition and sense of confidence

  • Greater emotional intelligence and stability. Less reactive and more adaptive

  • A greater sense of happiness and wellbeing

  • Ability to make high-speed, accurate decisions under pressure

Misconceptions of Meditation

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is easy to learn, relaxing to practice, and the benefits are experienced immediately. Most meditation taught in the West today falls under the mindfulness umbrella, which is in fact, not meditation but considered concentration. Concentration versus meditation activate parts of the brain unique to each application, resulting in differing experiences during the practice as well as differing eyes-open experience of life when you come out of your practice. Learning meditation doesn’t require you to have any previous experience, for you to sit in a particular way, or even for your mind to stop thinking. In fact, even those who consider themselves to have a busy mind and who feel like it would be impossible for them to learn can be easily taught Vedic Meditation, and in four short sessions will soon be experiencing deep, restful meditative experiences.



How It Works

The course runs over 4-sequential days, with the first day taught as a 1-hr private session. Over the remaining three 120-minute sessions you will dive deeper as a group into the mechanics of the practice while covering various topics on the Vedic approach to the science of living and the art of being. It is important for all four sessions to be completed consecutively, as sequential knowledge is offered each day. On completion of the course you will be a self sufficient meditator with a technique that you can employ for life!

Intro Talk

This optional, no-obligations, free talk is for you to come and meet your teacher, Caryn Kilback — founder of Instill Meditation. During this complimentary 1-hour talk you will learn about the four different styles of meditation and how they are not all created equal, exactly what Vedic Meditation is and how it differs from other techniques, how it works, and why you will never have to take another meditation course again. Caryn will answer all of your questions so you can feel confident in your journey and fully informed to decide if it is for you.

The Course

Day 1
During your first session you will witness a non-religious ceremony of gratitude. You will then receive your personal mantra and instructions how to use it properly.

Days 2—4
Over the remaining three group sessions we will dive deeper into the mechanics of the practice, technique refinement, myths, and trouble shooting so you can be completely self-sufficient in your own practice. In addition, we will examine the impact of stress, the nature of the mind and the mind-body connection, and how meditation can be used to access creativity while tapping into greater intuition and sustained wellbeing.

Lifetime Membership

Included in the course contribution to learn Vedic meditation with Instill is a lifetime membership and follow-up program. You will be eligible to resit the course as many times as you like for the rest of your life with Caryn or any other Vedic meditation teacher around the world at no extra cost. It also entitles you to attend group meditation evenings held most weeks in Calgary and occasionally in other major cities both within Canada and around the world at no cost. This is the commitment that VM teachers make to their community of meditators.

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The Investment Value

With Instill Meditation, when you sign up to learn Vedic Meditation, your investment goes beyond the scope of the four day course. At the heart of the Vedic Meditation tradition we believe in the essential nature of continued support and community (traditionally known as a Sangha).

With your Lifetime Membership you receive:

  • Your 4-day Learn Vedic Meditation Course

  • The ability to resit the course for free as a refresher with Instill Meditation or any other accredited Vedic Meditation teacher globally

  • A lifetime of follow-up to support expanded learning in the form of:

    • Ongoing, in-person group meditation sits and knowledge meetings (traditionally called Satsang)

    • Access to recordings during these sessions

    • A wealth of vetted and supportive resources

    • Email check-ins

  • Become part of a global community: Sit in on other trained Vedic Meditation Teacher’s VM courses & knowledge meetings as part of your contribution (sometimes a small bridging fee & limitations apply - check in with each individual teacher)

  • Private online community page as a hub for inspiration, support, and connection with your new meditation peers

Investment Options

Vedic Meditation 4-Day Course: $990 CND incl GST

Course Payment Plan:
Option A — $335/month for 3 months CND incl GST. No interest, no additional fees.
Option B — $255/month for 4 months CND incl GST. No interest, no additional fees.

Vedic Meditation Private Course: $1800 CND incl GST. Each additional person within a Private Course: $600 CND incl GST up to 15 people.

Special Discounts

Students (High School/University): $680
Pensioners (65+): $680

To receive any of the above special discounts or if you require a payment plan please email:

Kids & Teens

Kids, Ages 5-12: If you are a student of Instill Meditation, this course is our gift to you and your loved one(s).

Teens, Ages 13-15: $290

Teens, Ages 16+: $680

For more information on our Kids & Teens offerings, please visit our Student Portal Page


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Learn Vedic Meditation Course and the Learn Instill Meditation Course you offered previously?
The Learn Instill Meditation Course that was previously offered is a trademarked course designed by our founder based on her years of practical and technical experience in various meditation traditions. That course was designed as an introduction to various techniques of meditation that can be considered “integral” to a well rounded practice marrying varying mindfulness techniques with meditation such as: breathwork, present-moment-awareness, transcendence, and loving-kindness. At Instill Meditation we are committed to teaching you the most effective technique made for our modern-busy lives. Although the Learn Instill Meditation trademarked course can be a great place to start, the Learn Vedic Meditation Course is much more powerful, which is why that is what is mainly taught today. If you are interested in the Learn Instill Meditation Course, we still occasionally offer this course out of yoga studios and online. If you have taken this course, because we truly believe in the power of Vedic Meditation, the full price of the previous Learn Instill Meditation Course fee can go towards your Learn Vedic Meditation Course to take your practice to the next level. It is important to note that although a transcending technique is part of the Learn Instill Meditation Trademarked Course, this course stands independent from Vedic Meditation and is NOT Vedic Meditation.

What do you mean by “lifetime membership or lifetime of follow-up”?
If you take Instill’s Learn Vedic Meditation Course, as part of your course contribution you have access to free in-person monthly/weekly group meditations, an online social community, and each participant can resit the full course again at no extra cost as a refresher anytime the course is being offered.

Why do I have to pay for spiritual knowledge, can’t I learn for free?
Meditation gets a bad rep when it comes to financial contribution, especially when there are other traditions that operate based on donation. The answer to this is multifaceted.

The first reason is the most fundamental. It’s a simple reality that we’ve all got mouths to feed and bills to pay. It presents a real modern challenge to dedicate your life to something without drawing an income from somewhere. Traditionally meditation is taught in an Ashram style setting where there is a certain amount of volunteer help to ensure a sustained level of livelihood in addition to incoming donations in the form of money, livestock, herbs and spices, etc.

Secondly, particularly in our Western capitalist culture, we recognize value when we pay for it and money serves as a mediary for exchange — meaning an exchange for service, product or effort . Our experience at Instill Meditation is that when students make a financial investment, their engagement is far more committed with their follow through on the teachings which yields positive results. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good a tool or technique is if it’s not used, and it’s a simple human trait that we have a tendency to place more value on the things we pay for. 

Lastly, Instill Meditation charges for meditation courses and our other offerings because they have real value. The teachings we offer have real-life, tangible benefits that create ripple effects on the lives of our students and those around them. Instill Meditation was established as both an educational and community platform for student’s to learn about the integration of life as a practical curriculum. At Instill Meditation you pay for an outcome and results-based education in ancient techniques made relevant for modern living.

Is Instill and/or Vedic Meditation considered a cult?
No. When you research what it means to be a cult, cults teach dependency. What we teach here at Instill is self-sufficiency and self-reliability. At anytime you can choose how involved you want to be within the Instill and/or Vedic community. We have students that come only for the 4-day learn course, all the way to students attending weekly knowledge sessions in addition to other advanced offerings, to a variety of in-betweeners who come-and-go and pick-and-choose. In addition, you can leave the Instill or Vedic Meditation Community at anytime if it no longer feels relevant for you, work with other teachers or modalities outside of the knowledge that you are learning here, stop practice, pick your practice back up again, or re-join the community after a long hiatus. You are your own lab, and we encourage all students to ask questions, see what works for them through their own direct practical experience, and to always follow charm.

Is Instill and/or Vedic Meditation a religion?
No. Although Vedic Meditation is Indian in flavour because of its rich cultural heritage, it is really about the science of life (being) and the art of living. Veda means “to know”, but to know what? To know or discover through direct experience the fundamental nature of who and what you are. This has nothing to do with religion, this is an inherent desire that is embedded within all of humanity. Vedic Meditation is a science that teaches on the integration and mastery of life addressing the four fundamental verticals of human health and sustained wellbeing — physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, and spiritual (with spiritual simply referencing a sense of connection to the life around you that you are living).


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Why People Love It

What clients are saying about their favourite aspect of the program.

The shorter learning sessions and Caryn’s way of communicating.
The knowledge, science, purpose, and psychology that was taught alongside the actual technique itself.
The Initiation, and the casual learning setting.
Coming together as a group and sharing , along with the community and teacher support.
Learning the history and science, along with the depth in how it’s impacted Caryn. I believe this is part of you and not something you’re just teaching, you live it.
Time to have questions answered and meditation together.