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“We all get by with a little help from our friends.”
— The Beatles


Knowledge Meetings & Group Meds

A Modern Take on Traditional Satsang
*pre-requisite: must be a VM or TM student taught by Caryn or another teacher in good standing

Knowledge Meetings and Group Meds are a free offering as part of your course contribution when you sign up to learn Vedic Meditation with Instill Meditation. Knowledge Meetings are monthly offerings that are designed to deliver ongoing support for studentship as a way to ask questions and support the growth of their meditation practice, as well as cultivate community among other meditation peers. Please see our group events calendar to see when knowledge meetings are being offered.

If you have learned VM or TM from another certified teacher, please contact us here



Knowledge Meeting Recordings



Rounding Resources

If you have take Instill’s Intro to Rounding class, included in your course contribution are the following resources:

  • PDF Package

  • Video Recording


“A group is the beginning of everything.
One man can do nothing, can attain nothing.
A group of people can do what one man can never do.”
— Gurdijeff