Meet Your Teacher
Caryn Kilback


Professional Bio

Based out of Calgary, AB Canada, Caryn Kilback is regarded as an emerging leader and teacher in the field of meditation, and is known for her speaking and teaching events leading large group meditations for peace with Kit & Ace. With a combined total of over a decade of personal practice, study and teaching experience, Caryn has dedicated her life to sharing ancient knowledge from the timeless Advaita (non-dual) and Vedic traditions gained from some of the greatest living masters of our time from North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Indonesia and India. She is the founder of Instill Meditation — a grass-roots, conscious community organization dedicated to creating social change through meditation by empowering humans to awaken to a new possibility, enlivening humanity’s latent potential. She specializes in redesigning the subconscious mind to embody your true nature in order to live an engaging, meaningful and balanced life.