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Vedic Meditation Course - weekday evenings

Day 1 —
Tuesday October 15th | Time TBD *1-hr private session scheduled manually upon sign up

During your session you will witness a non-religous ceremony of gratitude. You will then receive your personal mantra along with foundational instructions of the technique and how to use it properly.
Please note that 48-hrs prior to your Initiation Day you will receive an automated email with instructions of what to bring and expect on this day.

Day 2 —
Wednesday October 16th | 7:00-9:00pm

During this group session we will refine your meditation practice while touching on the science of stress, the brain, the role of thoughts in meditation, troubleshooting your practice, as well as common meditation experiences and mistakes.

Day 3 —
Thursday October 17th | 7:00-9:00PM

During day three of your group session we will discuss the nature of the mind, the mind-body connection, perception, creativity and intuition, while also learning some supportive eyes-open techniques to support your practice during times of stress or in high performance.

Day 4 —
Friday October 18th | 7:00-9:00PM

During our final session together we will lean on the Vedic approach to the science of living and the art of being through various topics that support modern living, high performance and sustained well-being.
On completion you will leave this course as a self-sufficient meditation practitioner with a take-home tool that you can employ for life. You will also have access to our Student Portal with our schedule of free Knowledge Meetings and Group Meditations that happen various times throughout the month for you to join, recordings of these sessions, and additional supportive resources.